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Do you have plans for a Ball Spinner...

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  • Do you have plans for a Ball Spinner...

    Been looking at ball spinners.
    Would like to see parts list and plans for building one yourself.
    Heck if I knew where to get a decent cup, I could probably figure the rest out.

    Been think about buying one also.
    Proshop models: Jayhawk and Ebonite
    Consumer models: Vertex and Donkee.
    Kinda narrowed it down to the Ebonite or Vertex.
    Vertex has the bag, bowl, foot pedal... cool accessories.
    Ebonite looks stout, built to last... not knocking the others. This looks built to last.

    Any opinions welcome.

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    I have a Donkee ball spiner.. has worked pretty good, but it drains out underneath... so have to be careful about where your using it..

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