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    USBC City Tournament Results: 2.17.18
    Doubles: 246/181/214 641 Series with a 19/11/2/0 Line.
    The 2 open frames occurred in Game 2- I gutter balled it on the first shot of Frame 8 and ball 2 arrived at a high pocket shot leaving the 4 pin. Then in the 10th frame I opened missing a 10 pin inside. My doubles partner didn't bowl too well here (Sub 600) so we won't be placing for Doubles.
    Singles: 266/245/237 748 Series with a 28/4/3/2 line
    I woke up here nicely along with my Doubles partner who shot a 696 himself. We wished that Doubles would have been the second set of 3 games. The best part of Singles was game 2 where Ted finished with a 6 bagger to shoot 244 and I finished with an 8 Bagger to beat him by 1 pin.
    Game 3 kicked off with my worst ball of the night leaving the Greek Church (4-6-7-9-10) then a few frames later I missed yet another 10 pin (3 10 pins on the night total) I needed 7 in a row to finish the day and was able to convert by simply stating "Quality shots." to myself on each step up to the approach.
    To the Leader Board I went to see my 748 scratch series is currently tied for 2nd place. (1st place 780 and this dude bowled a 300 last weekend) I also did very nicely in side pot brackets taking home $75.
    Team event is 10am Tomorrow morning. Andy Hays let me borrow his bowling ball cleaner as I hadn't cleaned the True Nirvana since I bought it back in April 2017. It definitely helped me to DOMINATE the pins at times. Well... that and "that extra 20 bucks!'


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      USBC Chico City Tournament:


      Team Event: 189/278/266 734 Series

      Attempting to throw the same line (19/10) I finished yesterday with didn't go according to plan. I was all over the place with my speed and release in Game 1. Game 2 I made the adjustment to go back to standing 11 Board and lofting the ball over the 10 Board. I became locked in with my release and I was also getting a lot of amazing pin carry on the shots that came in light. Game 2 and 3 might be my best 2 game run ever (545) Game 3 I was a pocket 7-10 split away from 12 in a row.

      641/748/734 (2123 Total Pinfall) Puts me in 1st place for all events. Thank you #Brunswick #TrueNirvana and DV8 Bowling Ball cleaner. 235.88 average for the Tournament.


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        Well I guess I didn't get 1st place in all events afterall.
        What a buzzkill to arrive to find the dude that shot both a 300 and 299 game wound up shooting 2158 for all events which is 35 pins better than my 2123. I guess they hadn't updated the leader board yet. Ugh. The tentative payout is as follows:

        2nd Place All Events- $25
        3rd Place Scratch Singles- $46
        4th Place Team Event- $15

        On to this evening-

        213/239/168 620 Series with a 21/5/6/3 line. 1 for 3 on 10 pins.

        It was glory or garbage tonight. I tried to throw the same line I finished Sunday with all night and at times I was crushing the pocket while at other times I was failing miserably with keeping my speed consistent. The 6 open frames are the worst in recent memory and coming at the worst times possible. I left the big four (4-6-7-10) twice, 2 missed 10 pins in the gutter, and a strange 4-9-10 split. I ended the night with a whimper finishing with open frames in the 9th and finally chopping the 2-4-5 leave in the 10th.

        Thankfully my other teammates were on fire tonight shooting a 558/673/746 Series' respectfully. Game 1 we shot our season high team handicap game breaking a thousand (1001) We took all 7 points tonight which is huge and we now sit at 33-15 for the third third of the season and 104-85 overall.

        216.29 Average thru 27 weeks (78 Games)


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          268/238/269 775 Series with a 27/7/0/0 line. 3 for 3 on 10 pins.

          That spare practice on Sunday paid off. 775 is my 3rd best series ever. I was in the zone early on back to my standing 11 board and lofting 7 board. Had some amazing carry at times on not the best of shots missing outside the 7 around 5 and some even more dangerously near the gutter. Game 2 left a bucket (2-4-5-8) Keeping it clean the entire night is always a plus and tonight our opponent led the league in handicap pins so we started every game down 184 pins before the first ball was thrown. Thankfully half of their team didn't show up so that helped us out massively. Game 1 and 3 we won cleanly, Game 2 required me filling XX in the 10th frame which I was able to do to keep my anchor spot on lock.
          We took all games and total pins going 7-0 on the night and my sober motivational bust helped all teammates including one of us battling a brutal head cold. Valley Lock and Safe sits at 40-16 for the third third of the season and 111-85 for the season. Andy Hays would say my ability to remember my score in all 30 frames is Rain Man status and I have issues. I would reply, it's easier to remember the night when you throw a shit ton of strikes.
          217.85 Average thru 28 weeks (81 Games)


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            226/223/211 660 Series with a 18/14/1/1 line. 3 for 3 on 10 pins

            The consecutive marks streak ends at 56 in game 3 I came in high and left a 6-7 split in the 7th frame. I couldn't string more than XX in a row until game 2 and even then I think that was my only XXX in a row. Thankfully 10 pin conversions are feeling more comfortable again which made tonight's series respectable. Game 2 was a no tap 300 but I had six 9/ frames in a row. Super frustrating as I could't consistently keep a line to the pocket. Lanes were CRAZY DRY but I'm too stubborn to accept a ball change. Instead I flattened it out and there were glimmers of consistency but nothing stuck for very long.

            Our opponents went off and were locked in most of the night with one guy shooting 704 and their lead off 188 average bowler bowling his highest series ever at 678 I think. We kept it competitive the first 2 games but after losing game 2 by 9 pins we fell off hard and ended up getting swept. So that cushion we had last week has put us right back in the middle of things. Next week is the roll off and we have to go off if we want an opportunity to win the third or at least sneak in as the wild card. 40-23 for the third and 111-92 for the season.

            217.93 Average thru 29 weeks (84 games)


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              247/191/179 617 Series with a 17/9/6/2 Line. 2 for 3 on 10 pins.

              Began the night with the front 7 before leaving a ringing 10 pin on my 8th ball and missing the conversion (5 Pushups). It was all down hill from there individually but our team really stepped it up tonight posting a 677 series and Andy Hays hilariously tying me with a 617 as well (201/223/193)

              It was a rematch against the team that swept us last week and even though we were supposed to bowl on lanes 17 and 18, the lanes were broken and we were moved to the end of the line on a pair we hadn't bowled on the entire year. Let me tell you the approaches and area around the ball return and seats was COMPLETE DOG SHIT. I damn near fell on my face the second practice shot of the night. Sticky shit all over the floor and dirt and black marks everywhere. It was ridiculous and we were all really irritated. An employee came down and attempted to clean the area and I'd give him a C+ for thoroughness. We ended up just caking on the easy slide on our shoes and hoping for the best. As the night went on it got a little better.

              It was a 3 way race for 2 playoff spots (Winner of the 3rd and Wildcard). We were one point back of the team we faced last week and tied for the other team overall at 111 points for the wild card. Well we took care of business sweeping our opponent to win the third at 47-23 and finish the year at 118-92. It all comes down to next week as the Top 4 teams battle it out for the Championship that I've never won in 20+ years. I can't count the number of 2nd place finishes. We need to be locked in, keep it clean and bowl our absolute best.

              217.51 Average thru 30 Weeks (87 Games)