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    11.21.17 Week 14
    183/171/181 535 Series with a 13/13/7/3 line. 3 for 6 on 10 pins

    Worst night since 2/7/17 (521)

    The night began with terrible approaches with everyone sticking and no ability to slide at the foul line. I even tried three coats of Ez Slide on my shoe to no avail. Eventually the approaches did smooth out a bit but the lanes were dryer than I've seen the entire season. The absolute worst conditions for the True Nirvana. Trying everything I could think of I was lost the majority of the night. In hindsight I probably should have attempted to flatten my release out a lot earlier than I did (not wait until halfway through game 3) Everyone was struggling for the most part.

    Thanks to my teammates who woke up game 3 with two 200+ games we were able to salvage one game. 2-5 on the night. 10-18 for the second third of the season and 47-51 for the season.

    214.74 Average thru 39 games (14 weeks)


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      160/258/248 665 Series with a 17/11/3/2 line. 2 for 2 on 10 pins.

      Strikes Game 1- 1
      Strikes Game 2 and 3- 16

      What a bust of a stat line. Following my lowest game of the season, I made the adjustment at the beginning of game 2 throwing the ball flatter standing 10 and shooting 5 board which was the exact line I threw to finish Game 3 last week. I need to remember to throw that line from the beginning of the night next week.

      Lance Mullins shot probably the cleanest 300 perfect game I've seen in recent memory and it's been a few years since I've seen one live. All 12 shots were flush pocket hits.
      We lost all 7 tonight as the high averages on our team are really catching up to us not having much handicap to play with. 10-25 for the 2nd third of the season and 47-58 Overall.
      215.24 Average thru 15 weeks (42 games)


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        Last week I bowled a 599 Series super frustrating.... on to tonight....


        200/206/225 631 Series with an 18/10/3/2 line. 3 for 4 on 10 pins.

        A pretty average night overall but I'm also battling a high ankle sprain on my left slide foot so I'll take tonight's performance. We won the 1st 2 games and then fell off game 3 and lost totals 2617-2585. So 4-3 on the night 19-31 for the 2nd third of the season and 56-63 for the season.
        213.96 Average thru 17 Weeks (48 games)


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          218/178/223 619 Series. With an 18/9/4/3 line. Zero Ten Pins for the first time since 11/6/16.

          Confused most of the night. Throwing too hard, too soft, and then wasn't following through. Finally found a line to the pocket halfway through Game 3 with a bit of loft on my ball around the 5 board to finish XXXXX 9/ 9/ 9.

          Andy Hays almost shoots his second consecutive 700 Series barely missing it with a 689 (274/206/209). This helped immensely as we took 2 of 3 and I finished strong to win totals by a measly 6 pins: 2,621-2,615.

          Valley Lock and Safe sits at 24-32 for the second third of the season and 61-65 Overall. We're going to have to win the third third or go for the wildcard spot at this point.

          213.51 Average thru 18 Weeks (51 Games)


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            URETHANE! Well I've been reading the debates over urethane in the other forums and the podcasts. You know the ones, Urethane ruins the shot for everyone else, most low average league bowlers shouldn't use it etc.

            Well I decided since it was the November slump, I couldn't do much worse. So I pulled the Faball Burgundy hammer back out and gave it another go. I got thumb tweaked with tape good, my foot didn't hurt this time. So I tried it out, in warm up and it looked pretty good and nobody complained I was going to ruin shot. So I started off with it and wound up using it all night, first full series with that ball in 20 years and I shoot a 600 series!

            Of the multi-pin spares I left all but 3 were caused by me pulling my arm across my body. The last two was because the right lane was changing, so after leaving the 4-7-10 I moved left struck twice and then popped a 7 pin. Single pin spares were all pocket hits.

            I was proud of that 4-7-10 pickup, I moved left and hit about 6th arrow with the hammer it was a perfect pick up.

            That Urethane was so smooth going down the lane, My speed was down slightly do to it being 16lbs. But when it hit pocket, it crushed the pins.

            We don't have bowling next week, But I can't wait to try it again and see how it does.



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              Nice Series Litefrozen! Almost a Triplicate!


              255/238/213 706 Series with a 21/10/0/0 line. 1 for 1 on 10 pin conversions. Was getting my Ric Flair Strut on after every strike on Lane 17.
              3rd clean night of the season with no open frames. Had a few lucky carry X's with some interesting pin action. I'll take it.

              We lost Game 1 and then Game 2 came down to both anchor bowlers as I needed a Strike on my final ball to shut our opponent out and came through with one as we won game 2 by a single pin 876-875. CLUTCH. 3rd game entire team woke up and we ended up taking total pins on the night as well so 5-2 for the evening.

              Valley Lock and Safe sits at 29-34 for the 2nd third of the season and 66-67 for the season (almost back over .500!)

              214.72 Average thru 19 Weeks (54 Games) Still Loving the Brunswick True Nirvana although it's nearly impossible to throw when the lanes are bone dry.


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                Originally posted by DuffyJ1111 View Post
                Nice Series Litefrozen! Almost a Triplicate!


                255/238/213 706 Series with a 21/10/0/0 line. 1 for 1 on 10 pin conversions. Was getting my Ric Flair Strut on after every strike on Lane 17.
                3rd clean night of the season with no open frames. Had a few lucky carry X's with some interesting pin action. I'll take it.
                Thanks! Nice series yourself.


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                  "If you shoot a 777 Series I'll give you $100 dollars." -Andy Hays
                  269/259/257 785 Series with a 29/6/0/0 Line 3 for 3 on 10 pins.
                  NO TAP 900 Series. NO TAP 900 SERIES! WTF?!
                  I was leaving a few 10 pins in practice so I made slight adjustments once the night began. Standing 10 and looking 7 board but a Ton of shots thrown way outside flirting with the gutter but again the great thing about this True Nirvana ball is it's extremely difficult to over throw. I was getting great carry all night with only six 9 counts on the night as it was 3 10 pins, a 4 pin, 6 pin, and 7 pin. Kept it clean but 2 of the 10 pins were narrow conversions.
                  A couple of PR's here- Most Strikes in One Night (29), No Tap 900 (Never done that before nor even fathomed it happening) and 785 is my 2nd best series ever (Shot 790 on 2/3/15)
                  To win the $100 I would of had to go for a single pin on my final shot of the night. I was told this before my final ball but it was all about maximum pin count I didn't care. The difficulty of an 800 series is extreme but I think with this ball it truly is attainable however I'm freaking exhausted.
                  We took Game 1 and 2 and total pins going 5-2 on the night. We finish the 2nd third of the season at 34-36 and 71-69 for the season. The last third of the season begins next week
                  JASON CHRIST WHAT A NIGHT.
                  217.19 Average thru 20 Weeks (57 Games)


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                    Well end of the half and a bad night, But I wasn't the only one.

                    We just started back after a 2 week break and it's position round end of the half. I tried my Urethane again, But I couldn't hold on to it for nothing.

                    I kept re taping the thumb hole and it felt good, but everytime I got to the release point it would fall right off. It was cold here and my thumb had shrunk right up. The Urethane looks good but until I change the grip I got to quit using it.

                    The good point of the night was even with those low scores I won brackets.

                    click for 1st half stats



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                      1.9.18 Week 21

                      232/217/224 673 Series with a 21/10/2/0 line. 0 for 0 on 10 pins.

                      Lanes began way drier tonight than in recent weeks in my opinion and the approaches started off sticky as shit. Easy Slide time. The Consecutive marks streak ended at 64 frames as I opened in the 5th frame of game 1 leaving a 1-2-10 washout. My other open frame was a 6-10 that I probably should have shot with my spare ball. Nirvana gripped the lane and whizzed past the 6 on the left. In fact I didn't throw my spare ball the entire night. 3rd consecutive week with no splits. (Washouts don't count) Threw some bad shots too slow at times couldn't find a consistent speed or groove. Still a great night it's just that back to back 700 series' puts my personal expectation level higher in recent weeks.

                      Our opponents has us down in handicap 276-90 so we were already spotting them 186 pins before the first ball was thrown. We lost the first 2 games 853-823 and 903-890. However thanks to an impressive 277 game by Andy Hays late, we were able to salvage game 3 936-876 and took total pins 2649-2632.

                      Valley Lock and Safe sits at 3-4 to begin the third third of the season and 74-73 overall. We really have to bowl our best on these final 10 weeks to either win the third or lock up the wildcard spot. Oh I snookered Ted pulling a straight flush and winning the card game 3 so that's a free buy in next week Mista Hays!

                      217.55 Average thru 21 Weeks (60 Games)


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                        Well nothing to brag about, but slightly better than last week.That second game went plop, that blew way fast. In 3 frames I moved 10 boards with feet and 5 boards at the arrows, But couldn't keep from going into the nose. I should have changed balls sooner, switched to the curse in the 9th and got back on it some.

                        One of my team mates was popping 10 pins left and right about 7 in the 2nd game. he moved, changed balls but kept leaving them.

                        We lost all, the other team 3 women and a guy, were spotting us 72 pins. The first game they beat us by 104 pins, 2nd game 180 pins, last game we stepped it up best we could and only lost by 14 pins.



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                          Well not bad (could be better) Shot a 600, we took all the points and I won 2 out of 3 brackets.

                          started off with the paranoia, then switched to the curse 6th frame, 2nd game.



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                            197/223/200 620 Series with a 17/11/4/3 line. No ten pins left on the night.

                            This was the night of the double XX that would die a slow death all night as I couldn't string any more than XX in a row the entire night. I mentally felt like I was just going through the motions much of the night and couldn't get locked in or focus like I have in some of the more recent weeks.
                            Super inconsistent much of the time on lines to the pocket. Was coming in extremely light even leaving a couple of wash outs badly. Converted one of them though, a 1-2-10.
                            Our opponents bowled a lot worse which helped us win 2 of 3 and overall pins. Game 1 came down to me having to clean up a bucket (2-4-5-8) in the 10th frame which I thankfully did and we won game 1 807-797. We sit at 10-11 for the third third of the season and back above .500 for the season at 81-80.
                            216.55 Average thru 23 Weeks (66 Games)


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                              236/278/198 712 Series with a 24/8/2/0 Line. 2 for 3 on 10 pins.

                              Game 2- XXXXXXXXX 8/X

                              10th ball thumb stuck upon release and didn't get any bite to the pocket. Hitting super thin left the 2-8 Sleeper. Ugh. 9th Ball was legit and my favorite strike of the night. First time I've had the front 9 in a couple years I think.

                              Standing 11 board and looking 5 board all night. The 2 open frames were a missed 10 pin in Game 1 and a very abysmally missed 4 pin in the 2nd frame of Game 3. That cost me 10 push ups. I also threw a gutter ball Game 3 which is a complete bust because this is the third time I've thrown a gutter ball and shot a 700+. Tonight was also a PR for most 700 Series' bowled in one season (5) breaking the 2014-15 Season record (4).

                              We won the first 2 games and DOMINATED Team Handicap Series by 300 pins 2807-2507. We missed shooting 1000 Team Handicap game 2 with a 998 (213/223/190/278) So 5-2 on the night puts us at 15-13 for the third third of the season and 86-82 overall. We're in the hunt for the wildcard playoff spot and not to go overlooked Andy Hays getting locked in with his new Kingpin bowling ball purchase shot a 630 series this evening.

                              217.45 Average thru 24 Weeks (69 Games)


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                                279/168/224 671 Series with a 23/7/4/2 line. 4 for 5 on 10 pins.

                                Game 1- XX9/ ...

                                "Man I'm gonna be really pissed when I shoot a 279 after that ringing 7 pin."

                                ... XXXXXXXXX 279

                                2nd straight week with a run at glory. This week less pressure though with the robbery occurring in the 3rd frame. On top of that is was also a burn aka "On the Boat: aka "Beer Frame"
                                The Wheels came off game 2 leading off with a 1-2-4-10 washout then tapping 10 pins, then leaving the 4-6-7-10 Big Four split in the 7th frame I think. Tried throwing flatter game 3 early with the lanes drying out but had no consistency. Moved a board right and went back to my original release from game 1 and finished fairly strong with a XXXX8/.
                                The majority of the league struggled tonight I think there was only 1 or 2 other 600 Series' However our team came through strong and we were able to sweep all 7 points which is HUGE as we make a late run for a playoff spot. 22-13 for the third third of the season and ELEVEN points above .500 at 93-82 Overall. 217.71 Average thru 25 Weeks (72 Games)