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    11.21.17 Week 14
    183/171/181 535 Series with a 13/13/7/3 line. 3 for 6 on 10 pins

    Worst night since 2/7/17 (521)

    The night began with terrible approaches with everyone sticking and no ability to slide at the foul line. I even tried three coats of Ez Slide on my shoe to no avail. Eventually the approaches did smooth out a bit but the lanes were dryer than I've seen the entire season. The absolute worst conditions for the True Nirvana. Trying everything I could think of I was lost the majority of the night. In hindsight I probably should have attempted to flatten my release out a lot earlier than I did (not wait until halfway through game 3) Everyone was struggling for the most part.

    Thanks to my teammates who woke up game 3 with two 200+ games we were able to salvage one game. 2-5 on the night. 10-18 for the second third of the season and 47-51 for the season.

    214.74 Average thru 39 games (14 weeks)


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      160/258/248 665 Series with a 17/11/3/2 line. 2 for 2 on 10 pins.

      Strikes Game 1- 1
      Strikes Game 2 and 3- 16

      What a bust of a stat line. Following my lowest game of the season, I made the adjustment at the beginning of game 2 throwing the ball flatter standing 10 and shooting 5 board which was the exact line I threw to finish Game 3 last week. I need to remember to throw that line from the beginning of the night next week.

      Lance Mullins shot probably the cleanest 300 perfect game I've seen in recent memory and it's been a few years since I've seen one live. All 12 shots were flush pocket hits.
      We lost all 7 tonight as the high averages on our team are really catching up to us not having much handicap to play with. 10-25 for the 2nd third of the season and 47-58 Overall.
      215.24 Average thru 15 weeks (42 games)


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        Last week I bowled a 599 Series super frustrating.... on to tonight....


        200/206/225 631 Series with an 18/10/3/2 line. 3 for 4 on 10 pins.

        A pretty average night overall but I'm also battling a high ankle sprain on my left slide foot so I'll take tonight's performance. We won the 1st 2 games and then fell off game 3 and lost totals 2617-2585. So 4-3 on the night 19-31 for the 2nd third of the season and 56-63 for the season.
        213.96 Average thru 17 Weeks (48 games)