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    Not particularly a bad night bowling, Started out with the Blunt Force. But switched to the Motiv Paranoia after the 6th frame of the 1st game, The Blunt was just feeling a little bit too early.

    We only won one game, my team was only bowling just under average. The other team was bowling just over average and we were spotting themo team 74 pins.

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      Originally posted by DuffyJ1111 View Post
      250/255/238 743 Series with a 26/9/0/0 line. 3 for 3 on 10 pins. 3rd ever "Paper 300" thrown with the back 7 game 1 and the front 5 game 2.
      Well I remain locked in for another week. 2nd Clean night of the season. This Brunswick True Nirvana bowling ball is incredible. Best purchase of the year FOR REAL. Left a washout early in game 1 but was able to convert the 1-2-4-6-10. That jump started an array of strikes the rest of the night. There came a point where I was actually more fired up for the 3 for 3 10 pin conversions which was CLUTCH. As I was tiring going into game 3 Andy Hays gave me some Crystal Pepsi which rejuvenated my game and I finished game 3 striking out.
      Unfortunately we were only able to take 1 game on the night as our opponents once again bowled 900+ Handicap games 1 and 2.
      Valley Lock and Safe sits at 30-26 for the season.

      An absolutely ridiculous 220.96 average thru 24 games (8 Weeks) I also now officially don't have a handicap. What a bust.
      Nice set there Duffy! 220 average sounds great! keep it up.


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        10/17/17 Week 9
        224/206/247 677 Series with a 20/9/3/2 line
        Bowling ball release issues early on in the night with my thumb sticking bad on a couple of shots. I was squeezing on the release I think (too amped up) Added thumb tape and relaxed. The splits came at inopportune times right in the middle of games. Also chopped a 3-6 conversion attempt.
        Team did great overall after winning by the narrowest of margins Game 1 833-831, we also took games 2 and 3 which was huge going 7-0 on the night which puts us in 2nd place. It did help that our opponent that was in 1st place only had 2 bowlers and they didn't bowl very well.
        Next week is the roll off ending the first third of the season and we could actually pull it out if we stay locked in. Valley Lock and Safe sits at 37-26 on the season.
        221.48 Average thru 27 games (9 weeks)


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          Week 08 of league wasn't bad, we were down one player. We were basically bowling scratch, The team we were playing were spotting us 7 pins. But we had to take 10 off the blind of our missing our player, so we wound up giving them 3.

          We did well though, we all bowled over average every game except my last one and we took all 7 points. Which was good next week is our first position round, as of week 7 we are in a four way tie for 5th place and only 5 points out of first. So theoretically if the other team break the points up right we could be in 1st for position night.

          I used the Blunt force tonight, I should have changed the last game. The backend was feeling funky and the motion wasn't quite right, But I got a few frames into the game with the BF and I didn't feel like bothering to change after that.

          Felt good picking up that first frame washout of the 3rd game, I moved left, threw the plastic ball straight down 5th arrow. Yep Norm was right going straight up the fifth arrow versus hooking the ball to the left of the head pin works way better.

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