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The Ball review spreadsheet

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  • The Ball review spreadsheet

    Well I've been doing this for a long time, but this will be my last update of the Ball review spreadsheet! (I dropped my BTM subscription)

    I'll leave it on my bowling stuff as archive, but it will be up to someone else do update it.

    The ball review spreadsheet has been updated to 12/2012

    The All Balls List is up to 997 balls now.

    It can be downloaded from my "Bowling Stuff" site.

    Click Here for the BOWLING STUFF site

    The Ball Reviews (SS) is a spreadsheet with ball spec's and box finishes,with all the balls from 2001 to 12/2012(about 997+ balls) . Zip file has both a Excel (xls)and Open office(ods) format sheet.
    and can be found here-

    Click Here for BOWLING STUFF
    and can be found here-

    Click Here for BOWLING STUFF

    Also these bowling spreadsheets can be found here.

    Ball Reviews (SS) Bowler Statistic (SS) Bowling Grit Chart (PDF) Handicap Calculator (SS)
    Prizelist Generator (SS) BracketSS (SS)

    The information on the spreadsheet is from Bowling This Month (BTM) magazine from their ball talk reviews. It's just a quick lookup chart.

    It's highly recommended to get a subscription to this magazine. It's about the best bowling magazine around, its geared to higher average bowler's. But lower average ones can benefit from it also. Besides ball reviews there are articles on other aspects of bowling.

    This sheet doesn't include the text part of the ball review's, which has more detailed information. Such as lane conditions, drillings and comments from the testers.

    See if your proshop has some laying around and take a look or see their site here.

    As for the numbers
    In the columns marked OIL-MEDIUM-DRY-SPORT, you see S-T-C this refer's to Strokers-Tweeners-Crankers. BTM has a ball tester for each catagory.
    (stats on the bowlers can be found in the magazine)

    The numbers reflect the opinions of the testers on how the balls reacted on the four different "fresh conditions".

    1-3 is below average performance, 4-6 is average performance and 7-9.5 is excellent performance.

    So if your a Stroker, a Tweener or a Cranker, you'll look under the listing that match's you. If your not into all the technical aspect's of balls, just stick to these numbers.

    As for the other numbers basically its-

    Box finish is what the Out of Box (O.O.B.) surface is from the factory.

    Hook 1-100 bigger the number the more it hooks.

    Backend 1-20 bigger the number the stronger the backend reaction.

    Length 1-25 bigger the number the farther it goe's down the lane before it reacts.

    Torque 1-10 The flippiness of the ball, bigger the number more flippy it is, smaller number the more even at the breakpoint it is.

    Diff/Flare 1-10+ -bigger the number more flare.

    RG 1-10+ basically lower numbers are more early revving, higher the number the ball revs later.

    Load refers to how the particle content of the coverstock on Particle balls.

    Under Symmetry A=Asymmetrical S=Symmetrical

    These numbers are how the BTM rated them and my not be the same as the ball company numbers.

    As for which numbers to use, thats up to the user, Different bowlers look for different things.
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    Nice work.. Wow.. this is awsome.. thanks

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      Re: Spreadsheet

      This really comes in handy as I resurface balls on the side. Of course i try to tailor the coverstock to each bowlers style and lane condition, but it is always good to know the factory finish.

      A woman gave me a Roto Grip Horizon solid and a Roto Grip Venus to resurface. She claimed one was 1500 and the other 1000 but wasn't sure which one was which. She said they were the way they came out of the box. I checked on the spreadsheet and the Horizon is 800. Called her and let her know. She said keep it at 800 finish since she is happy with the way the ball has been working. That probably saved me an unhappy customer. Thanks.


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        Thanks guys!


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          ???? on excel sheet posted above

          Even though I'm a long time bowler, I never really understood the hardware I use except simply - what the pro shop/driller/coach tells me. I can see the difference in my hardware reaction and length.

          Now looking at this sheet, I don't understand the numbers (higher - better, lower worse? Speed/Revs ratio change these? Is there someone that can break the numbers down by column or point me into a direction that will explain it in more detail so I can understand what I'm looking at...

          Thanks much in advance
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            Wow - now seeing that, it all makes sense to me - Thanks for the quick review... Now off to start looking at some new stuff....
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              thanks for the breakdown litefrozen I could never understand all the review spreadsheet


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                Am I just missing them or are the PBA balls not listed? I dont see the Viper, Cheetah or Shark listed.


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                  The Elite Black Label, Elite Gold Label are the only Elite balls that BTM has reviews for.


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                    Anyone here have any experience with any of the other elite balls? I am considering the PBA Shark, Scorpion and am also looking at the Elite Blue Alien. The Alien is about 100.00 more than the shark, anyone know how the 2 compare?


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                      very nice site


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                        excellent site... thanks a ton lite!!


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                          i know i just posted right before this, but i must say, this is an EXCELLENT tool for comparing balls. Gave me a good idea for what ball would compliment what I already have. Thanks again lite.


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                            The ball review spreadsheet has been updated to 08/2012

                            The ball review spreadsheet has been updated to 08/2012
                            The All Balls List is up to 964 balls now.

                            It can be downloaded from my "Bowling Stuff" site.

                            Click Here for the BOWLING STUFF site


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                              Thanks a lot for your work!
                              I love this site, it's great!
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